Bikes are a major mode of transportation in Key West. In fact, according to a US Census survey, 20% of all the folks who live and work in Key West commute to their jobs and just about everywhere else on bicycles. Wanna see the kinds of bikes locals ride? Here’s hundreds of pictures of “Bikes of Key West” on Instagram. Look at these and you’ll realize you don’t need a fancy bike to get around paradise. Colorful maybe.

If you’re visiting, rent a bike and make the most of your time in Key West. Our entire island is only about 8 square miles. So while we’re big in Conch spirit, we’re pretty small in size, which makes biking the perfect mode of transportation. Here’s how to bike Key West the right way:

Here’s the Real Lowdown on the Do’s and Don’ts for E-Bikes and E-Scooters in Key West; January 28, 2022

…”to help everyone out we’ve done a little research and talked to everyone’s favorite “Bike Guy” or City Transportation Coordinator, Ryan Stachurski, to bring you the actual do’s and don’ts of everything to do with e-bikes and e-scooters….” FULL STORY AT THIS LINK

Key West Bicycle Routes

For an interactive bicycle map go here 

Key West Bicycle Racks

For an interactive map of Key West bicycle racks click here or on the map.

Request a Rack

Request a rack here.

Report Abandoned Bikes

Report abandoned bikes here.

Bicycle Count/Ridership Data

FDOT Statewide Non-motorized Traffic Monitoring Program for Key West
You’ll find a database for several locations in Key West and Stock Island that provide bicycle counts.


Bicycle Racks

Key West Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Lanes

Key West Bicycle Lanes

Bicycle / Pedestrian Counts

Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Program

Bicycle / Pedestrian Crashes

ConnectPed GIS

Rent a Bike

Lots of hotels in Key West have their own bike rental fleets, so if you are staying at a place with bikes, that’s great. But look around. It is often less expensive to rent directly from a number of bike shops in town. Because so many people bike in Key West, our shops know what they’re doing. The following are companies that we know and trust and have rented from:

WeCycle Key West
WeCycle Key West has free delivery and pick up of your bike anywhere in Key West. They also have two convenient locations. Everyone knows them as the founders of the world renown Zombie Bike Ride. We know them as locals who’ve grown up here and care about getting around our beautiful island safely. They have Adult Beach Bruisers starting at $10 a day and a beautiful new multi-speed Cannondale for $18. Kids bikes, trikes, tandems and kid-safe trailers too. They have an easy to reserve online online system at or call 305-294-7433. They are located on Stock Island at 5160 U.S. 1 (where you’ll find the largest showroom of new bikes south of Miami) and downtown at 326 Southard Street. Find them on Facebook and Instagram too.

The Bike Man Bike Rentals
Everyone knows company founder Tom The Bike Man. You can get a Key West Cruiser for $10 (on a multi-day rental) and they’ll deliver it to your hotel or home on order of at least $60. This little green company had trikes to rent too. You can find The Bike Man at 1910 N Roosevelt Blvd. (near Garrison Bight Marina), on the web at or call or text 305-587-1783.

Eaton Bikes
Eaton Bikes Is a full service bike shop conveniently located near the Historic Seaport at 830 Eaton Street. You can walk in, call or reserve online. They have beach cruisers starting at $18 for the first day and $10 for the subsequent days. They also have kids bikes, trikes, tandems, trailers, hybrids and road bikes. They are open Monday through Saturday 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday 8 am to noon. Call them at 305294-8188 or find them online at or on Facebook.

Island Bicycles Key West
Island Bicycles has been around since 1996 and is located at 929 Truman Avenue. They have beach cruisers and kids bikes for $12 a day, hybrids and adult 3-wheelers for $17 and road bikes for $40. You’ll find them open Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. You can call them 305-292-9707, find them online at and on Facebook.

Bike Maps

Click here for a big version PDF of the map below:

While this maps is a couple years old, nothing much has changed except the route of the Duval Loop has been altered slightly.

Bike Routes

These easy-going quieter streets, often marked with signs that let drivers know that they’re in a popular biking area, to keep it slow, and to stay alert. Our most popular route is the Crosstown Greenway (marked Inner City Connector on the map) that passes through the heart of Key West via quiet neighborhoods on Von Phister Street, Staples Avenue and Duck Avenue. Use this route if you want to avoid heavy traffic.

Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are part of the roadway intended to provide bicyclists traveling less than the speed limit with a more “comfortable” experience. Bike lanes are intended as “preferential use” lanes, not mandatory use lanes. If you are traveling at or above the speed limit or you feel unsafe, for example next to the door zone of parked cars, you have the legal right to take the vehicle lane. (Florida Law details here).


The South Roosevelt Bike/Ped Promenade

Trails have zero motor traffic, but you will be sharing the way with walkers and joggers, so stay alert and cede the right of way to them. For a real adventure take a ride on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, stretching for 106 miles from Key Largo to Key West (FYI, you don’t have to do the whole thing!). Or, stick around Key West and follow the Atlantic Boulevard Trail along the sun-splashed ocean.

How to Prevent Bike theft

  1. If you own the bike, keep your bike’s serial number handy and take photos just in case.
  2. LOCK IT UP! Purchase a U-lock and lock up your rear wheel and frame to something secure.
  3. Never lock your bike to trees, fire hydrants, private property or street signs.
  4. Lock it up in busy places. Foot traffic prevents theft.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Bikes are considered vehicles and must obey all traffic regulations 
  • You have the right to take the lane anywhere in Key West
  • Never ride the wrong way down a one-way street 
  • Always use a light at night 
  • Always ride on the right side of the street with the flow of traffic – never against traffic 
  • Always lock your bike. Even for a few minutes 
  • Bikes are allowed on sidewalks, except on Duval Street. Always yield to pedestrians

Walking and Biking Timetable (in minutes)

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