Shhhhh… Key West Transit Has Quietly Changed Their Routes

By Chris Hamilton, May 20, 2020

Why this information is so hard to come by, we don’t know. But Key West Transit has ditched the old, meandering, hard to understand Red, Orange, Blue and Green Routes (Yay!) and replaced them with two simplified North and South routes that intersect with the “Free and Frequent” Duval Loop. While the routes are simpler to understand, with only 10 trips in and 10 trips out per day, the frequency is still rather dismal at about one and a half hours between trips. Less on weekends.

We hope the frequency issue is temporary, but there isn’t any information on the Key West Transit or City website indicating what’s happening and what’s next. We’ll try to find out and keep you informed.

Please read our story Reimagining Key West Transit and find out the bright future for getting around the island by bus and why we think we need to speed up that plan this summer/fall. Below you’ll find the new routes and schedules.

New Lower Keys Transit Schedule.

Here’s a two-page printable version of the new City schedule from Key West Transit. And here’s the Lower Keys Shuttle schedule.

This is the new North Line route map.
This is the new North Line schedule.
This is the new South Line route map.
This is the new South Line schedule.
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

A native of the District of Columbia, where for a couple decades+ he led the nationally renown Commuter Services unit for Arlington County, VA’s DOT, Chris has lived in Key West since 2015. He lives car-free downtown and works and volunteers for a couple non-profits.

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  1. So we seniors down here at Amelia and Emma no longer have access closer than United and Duval. Sad

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