2019 Top 10 – #9: City Rebuilds Atlantic Boulevard Bike Path

Before we bring you the Top 10 Key West Bike, Walk, Transit and Streets for People Stories of 2020 we are counting down last year’s 2019 Top 10 to refresh our memories of where we’ve been. Especially as many of the 2019 stories carry over into 2020. Each day we’ll share another story until we get to 2019’s #1 on December 18. THEN we’ll build on that and begin counting down 2020’s Top 10 till the end of the year. We hope you enjoy our 2019 Recap and our new 2020 stories throughout December. Thank you.

By Chris Hamilton; Saturday, December 21, 2019

For those of us who use this pathway between downtown and points north regularly, the City’s recent rebuilding, not just repaving, of the Atlantic Boulevard Bike/Pedestrian Path is a big deal. Over the years, root growth and potholes have made riding the path a bone jarring experience. To avoid the roots and potholes, many people on bikes had risked their safety and taken to the street. Water always seemed to collect in the path too.

The rebuild was quick and now the path is beautiful, slightly elevated above its surroundings so it should help with standing water, and its oh so smooth and pleasant to ride on. When Bertha street is rebuilt in 2020 things will be even better. This was a nicely and quickly executed project. Thank you City of Key West. We’d like to see more like this please.

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Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

A native of the District of Columbia, where for a couple decades+ he led the nationally renown Commuter Services unit for Arlington County, VA’s DOT, Chris has lived in Key West since 2015. He lives car-free downtown and works and volunteers for a couple non-profits.

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