Getting Around Key West

Walk it, bike it or bus it. Even E-Scooter it. Whatever you choose, ditch the car.

You don’t need a car in Key West, so why bring it at all? But if you do drive here, we recommend you Park It and Forget It. Do like the locals do and bike, walk, use the Duval Loop and local buses and if needed, hail a taxi or pedicab or look up an Uber or Lyft. We’re here to provide a little information to make it easier and safer to get around Key West by walking, bicycling and transit.


Key West is only 4 by 2 miles. So with a good pair of walking shoes or a sturdy pair of flip-flops, nothing is really out of reach. Click here to go to our walk page.


Bikes are the fastest and easiest way to get around our little island paradise. There are plenty of local rental shops to help you find your way. Click here to go to our bike page.


The Duval Loop, City bus routes and Lower Keys Shuttle are all part of Key West Transit’s family of services. Click here to go to our bus page.


If you do drive to Key West, we recommend you Park It and Forget It at your hotel or a long-term lot and walk, bike and bus for your visit. Click here to go to our parking information page.


Lama Scooters

Lama e-scooters are a new edition to the island’s mobility transportation options mix. To learn all about them read our story: Innovative Lama E-Scooter Share Comes to Key West, March 18, 2022.

  • Scooters are parked and charged at Lama charging racks located at Santa Maria SuitesSouthwinds Motel and H2O Suites.
  • Anyone, not just their hotel guests, may use the system – as long as they’re 18 years of age and have a valid form of government identification and credit card.
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