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Key West Challenged to Share the Road

By Nancy Klinginer; February 26, 2016
“Key West has one of the nation’s highest rates of commuting by bicycle. But it also regularly leads the state in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities for small cities…..”It’s important for Key West to promote bicycling and walking, and to do so safely,” said Chris Hamilton, the city’s new bicycle-pedestrian coordinator, “because it’s good for our prosperity.” Hamilton joined the city in January and launched Bike/Walk Key West. The new grant will help that effort, he said.”

Chris Hamilton is Key West’s bicycle/pedestrian/transportation coordinator.

Around Key West On Two Wheels

Nancy Klingener; June 26, 2016
“Key West is ideal in many ways for biking — it’s small, flat and warm year-round. But the island also faces challenges, with high accident rates for bicycles and pedestrians. Chris Hamilton, the city’s bicycle/pedestrian coordinator, is working to make the streets safer and encourage more people to get out of their cars and get around Key West by foot, bike or public transit.”

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