“Bikeswell” Details Arlington’s Vision as Best Biking City on East Coast

Arlington County’s commitment to biking is pretty huge.

And for any other place in the country looking to enhance its bicycling infrastructure and encourage a healthier populace and more vibrant cityscape – including attendees at the upcoming 2014 National Bike Summit on March 3-5 – BikeArlington’s recent Bikeswell movie is a must-see.

Beyond the movie, Arlington’s Capital Improvement Budget is full of new bike infrastructure projects. A few of the major ones include:

We are investing in:

  • more bike lanes
  • improving multi-use trails
  • sharrows
  • bike boxes
  • hawk beacons, and
  • soon rolling out bike boulevards parallel to Columbia Pike and protected bike lanes along Army Navy Drive, Eads Street, and Crystal Drive in Crystal City as well as on Fairfax Drive in Ballston.

There are 67 Capital Bikeshare stations in Arlington and should be at 80 by the end of this June. The plan is to expand by seven to 10 stations per year for the foreseeable future. Planned stations are listed here.

Arlington also will help companies implement bicycle-friendly business plans for their employees and will help companies implement Capital Bikeshare corporate memberships for their employees.

Arlington County is committed to encouraging more people to ride bikes more often through BikeArlington, a county bike program that is second to none in the region.

Lastly, Arlington, as the Bikeswell movie points out, is committed to becoming a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community (it is currently Silver) and to doing everything it can to make it so.

Cross-posted on http://www.MobilityLab.org February 24, 2014

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