Technology Will Fuel Transportation Needs of the Future

TransportationCamp DC is all about providing technology tools to people so they can make the critical choices of getting from Point A to Point B and beyond.

The convergence this year of hundreds of urbanists, transportation aficionados, and people who work with technology for a living all joined together on the Saturday last month before the Transportation Research Board’s massive annual conference.

As the bureau chief of Arlington County (Virginia) Commuter Services, I know that TranspoCamp is crucial because our county is growing fast. We’re going to add 30,000 to 40,000 new workers over next 20 years, and the same amount of new residents.

We have a thriving, cool place, but, at the same time, how are we going to accommodate all these new people?

Well, we’re going to continue to make it easier for people to bike, take the bus, take rail, and walk.

Arlington is like lots of places around country that are rediscovering the pleasures of “downtown.” In that lifestyle, one doesn’t need a car to get around. And technology is one of the key elements playing a role in making it happen. If the smart, creative people who attend TransportationCamp continue to provide these transportation tools, we’ll make our cities work and thrive together.

Video by Kaiman Bros.

Cross posted on February 19, 2013

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